Flood Zone Services



Our association members have access to low-cost, pinpoint accurate flood zone determinations through Western Technologies Group and MyFloodStatus.

Talk about serendipity! I was involved in a flood zone dispute in Winona County with a local lender when the My Flood Status service was announced for our association. At this time the seller had already hired a surveyor to ascertain the status of their property and was awaiting those results.  I decided to request a report from My Flood Status and in less than 24 hours they supplied a report stating the property was NOT in the flood zone. They provided their report and an amendment that was filed in 2001 stating the property was no longer in the flood plain. The lenders private flood zone certification provider missed this fact entirely! Literally a day later the surveyor the seller hired provided the same news that confirmed the earlier report. The cost to the seller was $900 however. With the information provided from My Flood Status, I was able to negotiate with the lender to reimburse the sellers for their surveyor’s expense. The lender’s flood zone contractor was clearly negligent with the information they supplied. The seller was thrilled they didn’t have to pay for the surveyor and a sale was saved as the buyer was able to move forward since the impossibly high cost of flood insurance was eliminated!

– Shawn Buryska, Realtor


Listen to the recorded webinar to learn about:

  • Pinpoint accurate, insured, structure-based flood zone determinations
  • Why they are important
  • Websites and other resources that have inaccurate tools and disclaimers
  • Protection from liability
  • Saving more deals
  • Marketing with a MyFloodStatus flood determination report
  • Winning more business
  • MyFloodStatus Flood Resource Center/advocacy and support
For a complete overview, watch the recorded webinar here.

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